Fire Hose Testing

Fail Safe Testing is the premier provider of fire hose testing in the United States. When you sign with Fail Safe, we ensure that the job will be done professionally and in a timely manner. We service all makes, manufacturers, and diameters of hose including hard suction hose. We guarantee your apparatus will look great when we leave.

Ground Ladder Testing

Fail Safe Testing offers Ground Ladder testing on all types of NFPA rated ground ladders. Whether the ladder is metal, fiberglass, or wood, Fail Safe's trained staff and equipment will test your attic, roof, combination, extension, or multi-purpose ladder in accordance with NFPA guidelines. Since Fail Safe can test your ladders at the same time as we do fire hose, your apparatus is out of service for the shortest period of time.

Fire Pump Testing

Fail Safe Testing offers Mobile Pump Test Services in select areas. We perform annual pump testing at your location per NFPA 1911-2012 guidelines and ISO recording standards. When we come to your facility, your apparatus never has to be taken out of service. In the event that you require use of your apparatus, our equipment can be disconnected quicly to allow you to respond to your township's needs.

Nozzle & Appliance Testing

Fail Safe Testing is proud to help your department with its annual NFPA required nozzle and appliance testing. During your hose testing we are able to pressure test and flow test your nozzles using our portable flowmeter. We also offer appliance testing using our own proprietary safety shield so no one gets injured in case of equipment failure. Questions about what equipment you should test? Give us a call and we can help!